beaming app $500 YouTube Contest.

feat_works_sm1-114x90 is pleased to anounce the beaming app YouTube contest with $500 going to the winner.  The contest begins March 1, 2013, and ends May 31, 2013 with the winner being announced on this very website.  Whoever posts the best video on YouTube that uses the beaming iPhone app to create a light show wins the prize.  The rules of the contest are stated below.  Good luck, and we wish everyone luck in creating the video!

Contest Rules:

  1. Using the iPhone beaming app downloadable for free, and using version 1.7 or higher, create a light show by adding photos for specific GPS locations that when participants are in ’beaming’ mode will pop these photos up at specified times, thus creating a light show reminiscent of holding up cards at a half time show of a football game.  The photos should typically be filled with just one color, so that collectively all of the participants in the designated GPS location (minimum of 10 feet apart as specified when adding your photos) will  make up each part of your light show.  When specifying what time for each of your photos to pop up, if you set each photo for the exact same time, then when in ‘beaming’ mode’ the photos will pop up every 10 seconds starting with the first photo you added all the way to the last.  Since the time increments allowed for popping up photos are scheduled at 5 minute increments on the Send tab of the app, be sure that you don’t have more than 35 photos (10 seconds per photo, equals 6 photos X 5 minutes) setup for the exact same time.
  2. Post in the Comments portion of this post the URL of the YouTube video, so we can review it.
  3. If you have any questions, please add these in the Comments portion of this post and they will be answered right away.

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