Featured Work.

These works were created using the latest design tools available, and were used for home and business use.  The following descrpitions provide more detail for the selected featured works.

Super Zizzy. This image was created using a photo provided by the dog owner, who wanted to honor their dog named Zizzy.  In addition to the image provided by the dog owner, numerous other image snippets were combined to create the theme of a super female dog that was beloved by the owner.  The background is set at the dog owners place of residence from a photo, and Photoshop elements were combined to give the visual effect of the dog flying at super human speeds, and illuminating her in all her brilliance.

L. This 3d graphic, was at the request of a small business owner who needed a logo for their letterhead, business cards, and note paper.  The 3d image was created using a 3d modeling tool combining Photoshop images used for landscape.

Timothy Mank. This logo was designed for the recording artist Timothy Mank, who sings and performs in the Los Angeles area and was winner of the ‘Outstanding Rock Artist of the year’ award as presented at the LA Music Awards.  Visually, the logo forms the letters ‘T’ and ‘M’ for his initials, but at the same time shows a man performing.

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